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The MONODRAIN is an exceedingly simple solution, with which an integrated (i.e. invisible) subdrainage is used for standard small profiles.

After having fixed a hole through and through the rabbet, a specially shaped synthetic drainage-pipe, i.e. the MONODRAIN, is then placed in this opening. The drainage/ventilation is realized by means of this very pipe, which in the end is tightened between the inner side of the aluminium profile and the pane.

Our solution, in fact "revolutionary" because of its simplicity, has been developed in close cooperation with DSM Research/DADC, Syntens and LIOF. Naturally SKG (Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw) has tested the MONODRAIN.

Easy to assemble

  1. In the window rabbet a hole is made with a bore-fraise (Ø 9,5mm) all the way through. This processing takes place from the underside of the profile and then upward. And by doing this a part of the profile flange (in which the glazing rubber is being fixed) is also being processed to the required specifications.

  2. The MONODRAIN is manually directed from above through several holes and, after having passed the last hole, is then pulled through the bottom side until it has reached the stopper.

  3. Subsequently our MONODRAIN will be shortened at the underside at any requested length with a knife or scissors

  4. At last, after having assembled the window into the construction and after having installed the pane of glass, the MONODRAIN will be permanently clasped between the aluminium profile and the pane of glass.

A revolutionairy breakthrough
in window drainage.

Main characteristics

Typical of the MONODRAIN are the tapered end and the stopper.

The tapered end acts as a kind of layer and/or puller, in such a way that the pipe can easily be manually directed through the various profile partitions and, after having passed the last hole, it can be pulled out from underneath. In order to have a solid grip on the tapered end, the latter has been provided with an inspissation.

The stopper on the upper side makes sure that the MONODRAIN cannot be pulled in too far through the profile when being fixed. And it will also see to it that the pipe won't sag or even fall out in the course of time. Because this stopper has a slightly larger outer diameter than the borehole, a waterproof junction all round with the profile is realized at the same time.


Some advantages of the MONODRAIN are:
  • The only controlled invisible drainage
  • Universally applicable to standard small profiles
  • Not bounded to a particular profile system or brand
  • Flexible in length (can be shortened to required specifications)
  • Inexpensive
  • Only one simple profile adaptation necessary
  • Very easy and fast assembly
  • Invisible
  • Does not sag or fall out

Monodrain solution


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